Receiving a domestic violence conviction can have a profound impact on your life. If you own firearms, you will likely fear that you will lose your ability to purchase and possess them. Some states prevent people with domestic violence convictions from buying or owning firearms. While Wisconsin does not, you may still face restrictions based on injunctions.

Understanding Wisconsin’s laws

In Wisconsin, you may be able to keep your firearms after receiving a domestic violence conviction. Yet, your ability to do so depends on whether your accuser filed and received a domestic abuse injunction against you. Upon filing, they will receive a temporary restraining order against you until your injunction hearing. You will not have to forfeit your firearms while this order is in effect.

If you attend the injunction hearing, you will have 48 hours afterward to surrender your firearms to a sheriff. You must also complete a form that details whether you own or possess firearms. If you fail to attend the hearing, your accuser will be responsible for providing information about any firearms you own. Once a judge acknowledges it as valid, they will order another hearing within one week to confirm you surrendered your firearms. Within 48 hours of their order, you must surrender them to a sheriff or a third party who has the right to own them.

Understanding your consequences

When a judge grants your accuser’s domestic violence injunction, you cannot purchase or possess a firearm while it lasts. The exception to this rule is if you work as a peace officer and must possess a firearm as part of your job. Once the injunction lifts, you must petition to regain your rights to purchase and own firearms.

Because domestic violence convictions are serious, the penalties that come with them are severe. Consulting an attorney can help you understand your consequences and weigh your options for moving forward.